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Stronger Bonds tells the story of Samson and Harry Hornhold, two rhinoceros brothers who just arrived to Kinoff City, known as "The Gay Capital".
Samson was hired to be the new police chief. He has to face the challenge to control a city much bigger than the town he comes from, but he is ready for something new in his life... more after all the bad things that had happened.  His wife died of cancer and then he got in a fight with his four sons, which run away from home and never returned. After all this, Samson got in a deep depresion that almost destroys him, but he was able to recover thanks to his little brother Harry, who will do whatever is necessary to prevent his brother from fall into depression again.
Though the destiny has something ready for Samson, because he just arrived in the city where his sons lives. Now it will be a tough time where Samson will have to deal with a city that hides many darks secrets, Samson's sons will hide from their father trying to look at the distance if he has changed from the man he was, and Harry will have to make miracles to control the situation between his brother and his nephews until they make their final decision to forgive their father or no.

Stronger Bonds is a visual novel with a NSFW story with urban context, anthropomorphic (furry) characters, adult scenes and language.




My story will be separated in chapters. Each chapter will take at least a year to be completed. Each month there will be a new version of the game, with more content and more story.

The chapters I have in consideration so far are:


Samson's sons will have to choose if they want to forget their father. Meanwhile Harry will have to hide the truth about his nephews from Samson, who is busy trying to discover what the city is truly hiding.


Samson, finally reunited with his sons, feel in peace mentally and certain hidden side of him starts to emerge, free after so many years buried below Samson's sadness. It's time for Samson to discover and explore this new side and maybe, just maybe, start a new chapter of his life having again an important person by his side...





If you enjoy the demo or you are interested in the stuff you have read so far, please consider supporting the project on Patreon. Here is the link:


If you want to buy the game directly without having to use Patreon, you can get it on Gumroad. Here is the link:


If you find an error in the game (misspelling, gramatic error, wrong character, etc) you can report it using this form: https://forms.gle/7qg9hEqLmpzZP7Jn7

Stronger Bonds does NOT associate or support with any real life law enforcement / police wrongful actions, recent or past. As a fictional story, with anthropomorphic animal characters, it is meant to show a different urban society, with some different contexts, concepts, laws and labour behaviors, either real or stereotyped, and some others might be based in real life but that doesn't necessarily mean this story supports them.

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Adult, anthro, Bara, Erotic, Furry, Gay, LGBT, muscle
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksPatreon, Twitter, Furaffinity

Install instructions

Unzip and execute the executable file


Tutorial - Ralph and Steve gym scene.pdf 32 kB
Stronger Bonds - Public Version 2.12 for PC 324 MB
Stronger Bonds - Public Version 2.12 for Mac 306 MB
Stronger Bonds - Public Version 2.12 for Android 327 MB

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Amazing VN can't wait for the next update!!

Recently finished playing the latest version available for purchase on Gumroad, and it was very enjoyable and fun. Must say though, without spoiling it of course, with where things have now left off with Samson and Rhogan's relationship, I am all the more eager and interested in seeing things happen between Thor (I hope that's the mayor's correct name) and Samson. As well as Thor being able to fulfill his wish and desire on the shall we say.... assets of Samson's he remarked about at the show earlier in the game. Well at least that's my fan theory/wishing self thinking that. Either way can't wait to see where the story continues from here. Keep up the great work.


Hello! First, thanks for your support by buying the game on Gumroad! We really appreciate it! ^_^

Samson's relationship with Rhogan (and with Zvaler if you pick that route) is gonna develop more and more through this new chapter, so I hope you find it a bit more interesting in the future. And it's kinda funny you mention Thor because more things with him are going to happen very soon! Stay tuned for the next episode of the telenovela "Passions at Kinoff's City"! (sorry for the dumb joke hehe)

Thanks again! Take care!

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No problem, always happy to support artists and creators I like. Keep on being the awesome folks your team and you are!

Oh? Sounds intriguing and exciting, looking forward to it. Although I am already heavily invested with Samson and Rhogan (and Zvaler too to a degree), Their relationship was and still is my favourite relationship to form in this game so far.

Oh? There is with Thor huh? Well I'm very intrigued and excited to see where it goes with him. As he's certainly caught my eyes with the recent events in the story thus far. Also love the joke, very on point XD.

You're welcome, and hope for the best in the coming future for you and your team.

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Great Novel

Dear "Stronger Bonds" - Team,

i like to thank You for such a heartwarming, sexy and funny Novel. The Dialog are great to read, with Plot and Story keeping me engaged and "tense" (take that for what you like to imagine  ;) ). The scene between Samson and Magnus about the demons of his past is beautiful written, piercing the reader's heart more and more. So does the reconnection between Samson and his Sons.  Both Scene still move me to tears even after i read them a few times. Thank you, You are awesome!

While i enjoy reading Samson "hardingning problems" and the jokes around that, Samsons police job moved into the backround. Every now and when Horace and Rhogan mentions the Succes of the police, but how about given some more examples. You already established Samson as strongman, succesful officier and insightful chief who is willing to take on the front line and get his hands dirty:

and now some idea  for some payoff to remind the reader how cool Samson is:

a) on the meeting between Samson and the Major and the Rich Guys in chapter 2, one of them thanks Samson for his great work, reducing crime despite the inital spike at the beginning of his arrival. [Or create tension: crimerate is barely dropping despite the Polcie force increased effort]  EDIT: WOOPS i forgot that this happend in the first chapter, nevermind.

b) some Officier or Dancer admit to his collgue/friend how thanksful/impressed he is about Samson (and Magnus) dealing with a pack of rampaging drunks or bullies: "... when the bullies refuse to listen to the police warnings, the outnumberd chief rushed the biggest guy and put him down instantly. Just two minutes later all the bullies were in handcuffs or still k.o. from the brawl. That was awsome to watch!"  

c) Other Officers or Character comment about the police work: Capturing some criminal, evacuating people who failed their mortage with or without incident. Letting the police officers point out their opinion about their chief and the performance of their force. This way more officers than just horace can highlight their (professional) reliationship between themselves and Samson. 

Thanks a lot for reading. Sincerly


Hello! Thanks a lot for your comments! I'm really glad you enjoy a lot this story! ^_^

About the cop work, I must admit we placed it on the background because chapter two is more about rediscovering the "ability" to love and feel loved, so we needed to focus more on the relationships of the characters. Now chapter three is gonna have some more action and the cop story line will get more protagonism. If you are able to play Version 3.01 (August update) you can see the officers are going to get more work to do.

Hope you enjoy the next updates! Take care!

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Now chapter three is gonna have some more action and the cop story line will get more protagonism. If you are able to play Version 3.01 


After i played another playthrough from the beginning (with the Gumroad Version instead of 2.10), I edited/deleted some bits of my original post, cause

EDIT: WOOPS i forgot that this happend in the first chapter, nevermind.

I overread/forgot a few things.

Thanks for your replay. Made me smile.


It said that you updated the game but it is still in 2.10, there's something wrong?


Hello! We are having some issues to upload the new public version! Please wait for the announcement! We're sorry for the wait!


ok, i will wait 

Played the 2.14 version from gumroad, and had a fun time with it and loved how much the story has progressed and where it's been hoing so far with the plotline. I did have an error or two pop up, but luckily nothing at a point that was inconvenient or made me feel upset or annoyed.

I will say, without spoiling 2.14 of course. A comment Thor (I believe that's the mayor's name, if not I apologize) made near the end of it about Samson made my fan theory/fan wishes go nuts. Now I have conflicting shipping going on. Thanks for that, lol.

Keep up the great work with that game and best of luck with the endeavors so far.

Hello! I'm very glad you are liking the story so much! ^_^

And yeah, I had to put some "seeds" at the end of that version with the hope to make them grow in chapter 3. Let's see how that goes :)

When will version 3.00 be available on gumroad ? I see it's already out on patreon ?!

Hello! Due to problems with the android files, we had to delay for a few days the release of version 2.14 and 3.0 on Gumroad. We expect to don't have more of those problems, hopefully.

(1 edit)

The 2.10 update have a few errors, related to a "publicpark04" image couldn't be loaded

Hello! Thanks for the report! I'll check that as soon as possible!

Please download again and check the scene if you can, please!

Loving the new update but there a lot of errors in it

Hello! Please if you find any error don't hesitate to report them here! (grammar ones might be a bit common, sorry for that) Thanks!

Hi! We fixed an error with a background on android. Please download again and check the scene if you can, please!

heh aright btw loving this game keep up amazing work ^^

The android version ins't opening .-.

Thanks for the report! I'll be checking it!

It should be working now. Download it again, please!

U are the best >-<


I so love this game can't wait for the next update keep up the amazing work

Hello! I'm glad you love it! ^_^ Hope you enjoy the next update!

I can't buy the latest version on gumroad. T^T

Hello! Could you try again, please? Sorry for the inconvenience!

i bought it thank you, I love Samson and Zvaler very much >∆< ❤️

I'm glad you love them! ^_^ Hope you enjoyed the game!

Eu estou jogando a atualização mais recente mais eu não consigo passar dessa cena  alguém pode me ajudar com isso PF🥺

você tem que selecionar manualmente o capitulo 2 pra continuar com a história... não sei porque ainda não foi resolvido isso. 


obrigado ☺️ 

I’m trying to buy it from gumroad and it gives me an error so i contacted them and this is what they said: “Our payment processor, Stripe, is having trouble verifying the creator's account and has temporarily blocked purchases to their products. We will get in touch with the creator and tell them to resolve the issue.” Please solve this so i can buy it...

Your having the same issue too I’ve been having that issue since last month I wanted to purchase the latest build but then it give me an error saying “your card was not charged try again on a different browser or internet connection” sry your going through the struggle too.

Hello! Are you using Stripe as well?

Hello again! We did what was requested from Gumroad to fix the issue. Could you try again, please? Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello! Thanks a lot for that information! We were trying to see what was wrong with some payments but we couldn't find anything, but now with you mentioning Stripe we can check that directly! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Sorry for the question: are you using stripe or other way of payment?

I’m not using stripe, i mentioned it cuz that’s what gumroad replied when i asked why i can’t buy anything from you since last month…

Hello again! We did what was requested from Gumroad to fix the issue. Could you try again, please? Sorry for the inconvenience!

Yeah you fixed it but there is no file to download


Could you check again, please?


I bought version 2.14 in gumroad, but instead i got version 2.13

Hello! Thanks for the report! We are checking the issue! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello again! We updated the files! Could you download them again and check, please? Sorry again for the inconvenience!

Awesome, ty.

(1 edit)

There is an issue with the new update on gumroad. I bought the 2.14 version but its still the 2.13.

Hello! Thanks for the report! We are checking the issue! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello again! We updated the files! Could you download them again and check, please? Sorry again for the inconvenience!

Were you able to download the files?

yes i was able to download it. Ty for fixing the problem ^^!

The grumroad version it say the 2.14 but the game still 2.13

Hello! Thanks for the report! We are checking the issue! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello again! We updated the files! Could you download them again and check, please? Sorry again for the inconvenience!

The grumroad version it say the 2.14 but the game still 2.13. :S

Hello! Thanks for the report! We are checking the issue! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello again! We updated the files! Could you download them again and check, please? Sorry again for the inconvenience!

by any chance when will the gumroad version of the game be updated?

i can't believe it this is happening i can't believe it it's happened i don't know what's going on...i really am suspicious about mystery angel?


has anyone played the new build yet cause I can’t seem to buy it on gumroad bot my debit cards work and the one I have saved on their works every time when I bought the last builds but for some reason the new one isn’t thx for the help 

Hello! I will check if there is any issue with the payment configuration. Thanks for the report!

Please check this cuz i'm trying to buy it too and since last month it gives me an error 

Hello! What kind of payment are you trying to use?

I want to ask, when I bought version 2.14 in gumroad, I got version 2.13 Instead

(1 edit)

I don't know if anyone else has noticed but, after the sentence you see below, there's a transition where Holland who's supposed to take off his shorts isn't showing up please fix it thanks. owo I think this may be it happen in all versions.

Thanks for the report! I will check that error!

Hi I have a question I’m trying to purchase the latest version on gum road but it won’t let me purchase it I’ve tried using both of my debit cards but it just keeps telling me “your card was not charged because of an error” I have one card saved on their that’s my current one and it’s always worked for the last versions of it but now it’s not working I’m not sure what to do now.

looks like samson is having a "hard" time huh xD.... anyway love this master piece... i delayed on reading this like last year and man, i was surprised with the story continuation... keep it up author-san ^.^



Thanks! I'm glad you like the game! I hope you like the next versions!

Hi, is it possible to buy the game to have access to all the updates without repaying each month?

Hello! Yes, you can buy it on Gumroad whenever you want, it's not a subscription. Right now you can get version 2.12. Link: https://gumroad.com/strongerbonds

So if I buy it I will have access to all versions after?

(1 edit)

Sadly, no. This is a project that needs monthly development and support. With just two persons (me and the artist), all the planned story would take years (it is already taking that time) to be done entirely and a big BIG financial investment to have all the graphic content ready. So that's why we offer the game throught these ways. I hope you consider to support this project. Have a nice day!

Ok it's a shame but I understand, in this case I'll wait a little longer until the game is more advanced. thank you for answering me and have a nice day too.

Thanks for your interest! Chapter 2 should be done in one or two months more, then we will start with Chapter 3!

hi, is there gonna be an update soon?


Hi! I updated the game just a little ago! Enjoy!

Thanks!!! i was really waiting for it, love your job, the best of lucks

I love the game but I'm having trouble downloading again after having my computer fixed I keep saying this and I only way I was able to do is buy off of I know the site that was different but not the Mac version 

Hello! What program are you using for the download?

(1 edit)


But is it thought the browser safari or which program?

thought patreon but that is but ust have on macos before 

It kinda looks like you're having troubles downloading files. Or the problem only happens here in itch.io? Do you have the same problem with other games or just with this one?

What are the Image Pack on your gumroad? 

are their just image from the VN or add on to the VN

They include the sprites in HD and the illustrations used for mature scenes, from each version.

Caannot wait to see Samson with eac other having sex

Is it not possible to pay with paypal ???

You can connect your paypal to Gumroad.

(1 edit)

really how do i do that?? Because if i pick the pc version and then on "i want this" it just show me the option to pay with a credit card usually it should show the pay pal option as well.

I found this article. Maybe it can help you: https://help.gumroad.com/article/275-paypal-connect

I was able to connect my paypal with Gumroad but it still show me just the credit card option if i wanna buy it.

Could you check now, please? We completed a step needed to activate the option


omg, Sam is finally felling that very familiar feeling, the gay panic. Loving it


Argred it all ama hehe 


That's what I was going for, a gay panic caused by body reactions out of control. I'm glad you are loving it! ^_^

Just bought the latest android version on gumroad and I keep getting tons of errors because the file "publicpark04.jpg" is missing.  I feel like I'm missing whole scenes because of this.

Thanks for your report! I'm gonna check that error!

The file is there for Version 2.11 so it could be something else. If you have the chance, please send me here an image with the error so I can see what could be and fix it, so I can upload the files for the product you bought on Gumroad and you can enjoy the game!

The first image is the scene right before the error.  The next two is the error page, top half and bottom half.  If I press [Ignore] several times it eventually goes back to the story, but then further down the error occurs a few more times.


So................  has this been fixed?

Version 2.13 still showing the error.  I'll be buying the PC version the next time.


I just want to say that Sam, Zavler and Rhogan power trople, fight me


Let's see!


Sam tops, Zavler bottoms, Rhogan switches. It's perfect as a third path. ;-)

Is this Game going to get updated soon?

Hello! It has been updated right now.

I love this game but it make me cry happy tears

Hello! I'm glad you love it and I hope the happy tears are not a big problem! ^_^

hehe they are ^_^ keep up the amazing work 

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