A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Stronger Bonds tells the story of Samson and Harry Hornhold, two rhinoceros brothers who just arrived to Kinoff City, known as "The Gay Capital".
Samson was hired to be the new police chief. He has to face the challenge to control a city much bigger than the town he comes from, but he is ready for something new in his life... more after all the bad things that had happened.  His wife died of cancer and then he got in a fight with his four sons, which run away from home and never returned. After all this, Samson got in a deep depresion that almost destroys him, but he was able to recover thanks to his little brother Harry, who will do whatever is necessary to prevent his brother from fall into depression again.
Though the destiny has something ready for Samson, because he just arrived in the city where his sons lives. Now it will be a tough time where Samson will have to deal with a city that hides many darks secrets, Samson's sons will hide from their father trying to look at the distance if he has changed from the man he was, and Harry will have to make miracles to control the situation between his brother and his nephews until they make their final decision to forgive their father or no.

Stronger Bonds is a visual novel with a NSFW story with urban context, anthropomorphic (furry) characters, adult scenes and language.




My story will be separated in chapters. Each chapter will take at least a year to be completed. Each month there will be a new version of the game, with more content and more story.

The chapters I have in consideration so far are:


Samson's sons will have to choose if they want to forget their father. Meanwhile Harry will have to hide the truth about his nephews from Samson, who is busy trying to discover what the city is truly hiding.


(more chapters will come)



VERSION 1.13 - RELEASE DATE FOR PUBLIC: Some day of May 2021

If you enjoy the demo or you are interested in the stuff you have read so far, please consider supporting the project on Patreon. Here is the link:


If you want to buy the game directly without having to use Patreon, you can get it on Gumroad. Here is the link:


Stronger Bonds does NOT associate or support with any real life law enforcement / police wrongful actions, recent or past. As a fictional story, with anthropomorphic animal characters, it is meant to show a different urban society, with some different contexts, concepts, laws and labour behaviors, either real or stereotyped, and some others might be based in real life but that doesn't necessarily mean this story supports them.

Updated 22 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Adult, anthro, Bara, Erotic, Furry, Gay, LGBT, muscle
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksPatreon, Twitter, Furaffinity

Install instructions

Unzip and execute the executable file


Tutorial - Ralph and Steve gym scene.pdf 32 kB
Stronger Bonds Public Version 1.13 for PC 209 MB
Stronger Bonds Public Version 1.13 for Mac 191 MB
Stronger Bonds Public Version 1.13 for Android 210 MB

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Your twitter says v2.0 is available on gumroad but the latest version I can find is v.1.16. Also, I have a question: If I become a patreon now can I still receive the latest update or will I have to wait for the next update on June?

My apologies. Version 1.16 is in reality version 2.0. We'll change that as soon as possible. We jumped from version 1.15 to version 2.0 as we began with Chapter 2 last month.

If you join patreon now, you'd get the next version on May 31st but you wouldn't get the latest verdion. You have to be a patron before we post an update there to get that update. We post updates on the last day of the month. We do that as we don't want to charge upfront in case we don't have ready an update for that month.

Ok thank you, I will just become patreon near the end of the month to get the next version! Thanks for explaining!


Yes, it is a NSFW visual novel. You have to be +18 years old to play it.

Will Harry have more scenes?

Yes! In the future he will have a story line (kinda like a simultaneous route) just for his... adventures.


This novel has such a fatastic plot, with good sex scene too. Can't wait to see where the families would go to! By the way i might have seen your comic, a big fan too. 


Hello! Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like the story so far! And I guess you are referring to MisterStallion's comics. I'll let him know you are a big fan.

There appears to be an issue with Gumroads image pack 11. It's only showing the cover image u have for it. Nothing else.

Hello! Thanks for the info. We're going to see what's the problem.

Hello again! We upload the file again to see if that fixed the issue. Please check it whenever you can.

I've tried everything.  how to get Ralph and Steve to retire in the locker room? :D


Hello! I have uploaded a tutorial on how to get it. You can find it on the download section.

thanks for update :3

will a new one be released soon public  version 

(1 edit)

IDK?? I was going to ask if this VN was finished... But it's look like it's not yet..

Version 1.09 is free for the public since today.


Is there any fetish kinks here I mean I would be if furry game not contain fetishes but I just want to know what fetishes are here?


I'll try to work on a list of the fetishes this game has or is going to have.

(1 edit)

I mean like watersports(piss) fetish and any others will gonna be here

This game really in to me >w<
i really enjoy it so much
can't wait for next update

I'm glad you like it!

who is your fav character

All of them are my characters, except for Kody. And I love them all!

Who can romance Robert the Rottweiler? How can we find him?

Robert's boyfriend is Ryan, the purple bull.

So, he can't be romanced, then?

Right now no. You'll have to wait until that story line develops more.

 when is the next update coming out? really enjoying this VN


I KNEW the art style was so familiar! MISTERSTALLION!!


Yes! He is the artist. He is in the credits.


I like the story, but is there a way to get updates without having to go through the whole story every update. the save files never work


Hello! There is a scene selection that should help with that issue. I'm still trying to figure out what is causing that problem.


Is samson gonna have a gay sex scene?

hopefully after he make amends with his sons and being the ONLY straight man in the city, he did take the offer about going to a gay club so my guess is that's where it starts off.

Just wait to see what happens in the second chapter, which begins after version 1.15

when is the next update coming out? btw loving this vn

I’m loving this game! Can’t wait till the next update! 

What has been updated?

Check here please: https://strongerbonds.itch.io/stronger-bonds/devlog/182867/version-106-now-avail...

Will the new characters introduced in this new update be romanceable?

What do you mean by romanceable?

I mean can we date them, get them to become our boyfriends?


The game itself is not a dating sim, but in some points of the story I plan to let the players take choices for some characters in romantic contexts, resulting in forming a "love bond" or breaking one.

Is Tommy a nudist?

Samson and Tommy like to wear the fewer clothes they can. But they are not public nudists.

(2 edits) (+1)

okay by the way is there gonna be a gallery?


I want to include one. I just have started researching how to do one so it might take a while to be included. But there will be a gallery in the future.

(1 edit)

Ok by the way does samson 

Work out in the nude?

Maybe but it is most likely he would workout at least with a jockstrap on.

when will the Version 1.06/1.07 be out?


Version 1.06 will be out for the public at the end of September. Version 1.07 at the end of October. And the newest version, 1.08, at the end of November.

Thank you! will be waiting on that update. really like the game

(1 edit)

Is there a option to have Samson pantsless?

 Have a moment in the story there you see it.

Hello! At some moments he is.

what about going commando to?

Maybe one day but a lot of things have to happen first.

Oh ok

There is no download button wtf

Sorry. We are having some issues with the download links. Once we solve them we will enable the download botton again.

Hello! The download button should be visible again.

It is ^^ thanks a lot!

ah, this also seems to have fixed the update issue inside the itch app. Cool!

Shouldn't jake be saying this? The same thing happens also whe magnus is asking him if he has more sons


Thanks for letting me know about these errors. I'll fix them in the next public update.

Hey there!

Theres a problem with trying to update this game through the Itch.io app.
Whenever i try and update it through the app, it ends up not working and it says "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website"

This probably has to do with the file coming from dropbox.

Ive only ever gotten the 1.0 version installed through the app, and then i couldnt update it since then. Ive ended up playing the updates outside of the itch app.

I dont know how this could be fixed (my guess is at the end of the dropbox url, try setting the "dl=0" to "dl=1", but its only my guess), but i was hoping this could maybe be looked into? 



I don't know how the itch app works. I changed the URL to "dl=1". Can you try if that works, please?


nope, that sadly didnt seem to work. 

Hi, if i buy this game, i have the full game?

Should we buy the new version again every month?  I love so much your game ! Beautiful work. Have a nice day. 

Hello! I'm glad you love the game!

Every month there is a new version of the game where we add more graphic content and more story, so every month you would buy the previous version with the additional material.

The public versions right now are two months behind (almost three). The version posted here yesterday was posted on Patreon and Gumroad on April 30th. So if you decide to buy a version you'd get at least two months worth of content (pics and story).

Have a nice day!



By the way, this game is going to take a lot of time to be fully developed (more than five years if everything goes well). I have a lot of plans and ideas for this story. And there is a lot of characters still in the vault waiting for their turn to show up.

Ok, thank you. I'm totally agree with you, your game is just awsome . Can you add more choices in the next update? It's a pleasure to buy your game. See you soon. 

Next update (1.07) is going to have an scene where depending on the choices you make you'll get an interesting ending moment or a normal one, and this might affect in the future (still deciding on this). Depending how well this scene works and how much the players like it, I'll try to add more in the future.

No worries,your game is awsome, good luck for the futur. Bye

Oh damn 5 years. Really can't wait to see how this all works out. Good luck man!

Thank you! ^_^

It is going to take a while because the story is going to be separated in CHAPTERS. This first chapter is focused in Samson and his sons. The next ones will have new plots, continuation of previous plots, new characters, more places, etc.

Making us all excited hihi :3

why the game isn´t updated yet? is everything ok?


I just uploaded version 1.04. Sorry for the delay but some real life problems happened.

I hope you enjoy this version!

Hi , I want to know why can't play it game of Android ?

Deleted 1 year ago

oh so can you help me how can work of it game please ? thank you

How u can play it game ? u phone is Android ?


There are many reasons of why it is not working for you:

1. You need to have Android 5.0 or any newer version after that one. If you have any version previous to 5.0 you'll need to update.

2. You might don't have enough space in your device. You might need to free space if you don't have too much left.

3. The downloaded file might be corrupted. You can download it again.

4. You need to allow your device to install applicattion from Unknown sources. You can disable this setting, install the game and then enable the setting again in case you want to secure your device.

(1 edit)

How about can't open it file game problem?

The file is probably corrupted. What kind of message are you getting? What it says?

You can try to download the game again and install it to see if that works.

it say "Unable to preview .apk file. strongerbonds-PU…C.apk · 131.17 MB" , I have try it many times but can't work and can't open it file 

Try this: Reboot your device. Make sure you have enough space in your device (At least 200 MB). Then delete the game file you have in your device. Download it again and try to install it.

One question: Your device is a phone, a tablet or an emulator?

Hey bro, I love this game! Could you check the public version 1.03 for PC? I think that's version is not starting at the beginning of the game's story. Or would that be intentional?


Thanks for letting me know about that problem. I just uploaded a new build. It should start normally now.

I wish you a good day and I'm glad you like the game!


hi stronger! for the next updates, Can you introduce more choice of sentences with an impact on the story,please. i have finish your awsome game and i love it! good work.  My best purchase ,love your game!

i dont know how many hours have you past on it, but it's a beautiful game. have a good day, see you later!

I would love to see more choices too, I love when games are more interactive instead of just watch and "play"


I'll introduce more choices in the future, that's for sure. Also to expand my response to the original comment: right now the plots/side stories have just started and I'll like the players to know more about the characters before I introduce impactful choices so that way these choices really mean something important. I just don't want to add routes just to have them.


I'm already planning to introduce more choices in the future. Just right now I think it is too early in some plots to see an actual impact in them and in the main story. Also I'm a bit limited right now with what I can do and introduce in the story, mainly because I'd need to have more sprites and other graphic material if I want to have more "routes". But don't worry, this story will have more choices, and with the help of the supporters I'll be able to get the graphic material I'll need.
You just wait when we get to CHAPTER 2 and CHAPTER THREE ;)

Did the game reset for anyone else?


It is very likely to need to restart the game due to some changes applied in the code in this version.

I wish you a good day!

i have buy this game,it's Amazing ! i love every characters. hope is there some romance with every character in the futur. 


Thanks for buying the game!
And yes! There will be more love relationships between the characters! Some preexisting ones that would face difficulties and some others that will be formed as the story goes. Those love bonds will have to become stronger or otherwise they might break.

I wish you a good day!

when is the next update coming out here on itch?


I decided to delay a bit the posting of the next public update due to the current social events.  I hope to post it this week.

thanx for the answer, ill keep the wait :D


I just uploaded the public version 1.03 of Stronger Bonds. I hope you enjoy it!

I wish you a good day!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi! I'm glad you like the game. And about your problem, it is weird because the code for the credits was moved after the new content. Maybe the error is happening because of the save point you have. I'm not sure and I haven't heard of anyone else having it.

Thanks tho for your report. I wish you a nice day!

Hey, I was a pateron during the month of April and never got the new update.

(1 edit)

The download links for version 1.04 were submitted to patrons on April 30th via message (around 08:00 p.m CDT). If you were charged for April's update, please check your message inbox on Patreon and see if you got the message with the links. If you didn't get the links please let me know your patreon username to check the issue. Sorry for any inconvenience that might have happened.

Deleted 1 year ago

I'll check the issue and send you a response as soon as I can. Have a nice day!

Hello again!

We've checked the list of patrons that were charged for April's update. We don't have you there, so that's why you didn't got the links. If you removed your pledge before the charging post (these posts have the label "Paid for by patrons") was published, you were not included in the patrons group who were sent the link via message.

The patreon account for this project is set to only charge patrons if we publish a charging post (which comes with the private message with the links). The account won't charge monthly nor upfront. It only charges if we publish an update. This way we won't charge patrons if in any month we don't have a new update to publish. The updates will be posted on the last day of each month (around night hours). If you join the patreon page after an update was published, you'll have to wait until the next one is published, or you can get it on Gumroad.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

I wish you a nice day!

I did remove my pledge around noon on the 30th so that I wouldn't get charged for the next month.  My billing history does say that I was charged for April and the supported section says it's for Chapter 3 Image Pack. I might be confused on whether that qualifies me for the post or that was a charge from March

That is indeed the charge from March's update (version 1.03), published on March 31st. And since you removed your pledge before we posted April's charging post, you didn't get version 1.04.

Each charge from this game's updates is included in your next bill. So patrons who got April's update were charged on May's bill. As I said, we don't charge upfront.

If you have more questions, just let me know.

Out of curiosity, when do you update cause I'm itching for more 

I will release version 1.02 to the public after I release version 1.04 in Patreon and Gumroad. So you will be able to download it in the first days of May.


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