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Hi! I'm glad you like the game. And about your problem, it is weird because the code for the credits was moved after the new content. Maybe the error is happening because of the save point you have. I'm not sure and I haven't heard of anyone else having it.

Thanks tho for your report. I wish you a nice day!

Hey, I was a pateron during the month of April and never got the new update.

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The download links for version 1.04 were submitted to patrons on April 30th via message (around 08:00 p.m CDT). If you were charged for April's update, please check your message inbox on Patreon and see if you got the message with the links. If you didn't get the links please let me know your patreon username to check the issue. Sorry for any inconvenience that might have happened.

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I'll check the issue and send you a response as soon as I can. Have a nice day!

Hello again!

We've checked the list of patrons that were charged for April's update. We don't have you there, so that's why you didn't got the links. If you removed your pledge before the charging post (these posts have the label "Paid for by patrons") was published, you were not included in the patrons group who were sent the link via message.

The patreon account for this project is set to only charge patrons if we publish a charging post (which comes with the private message with the links). The account won't charge monthly nor upfront. It only charges if we publish an update. This way we won't charge patrons if in any month we don't have a new update to publish. The updates will be posted on the last day of each month (around night hours). If you join the patreon page after an update was published, you'll have to wait until the next one is published, or you can get it on Gumroad.

If you have any questions, just let me know.

I wish you a nice day!

I did remove my pledge around noon on the 30th so that I wouldn't get charged for the next month.  My billing history does say that I was charged for April and the supported section says it's for Chapter 3 Image Pack. I might be confused on whether that qualifies me for the post or that was a charge from March

That is indeed the charge from March's update (version 1.03), published on March 31st. And since you removed your pledge before we posted April's charging post, you didn't get version 1.04.

Each charge from this game's updates is included in your next bill. So patrons who got April's update were charged on May's bill. As I said, we don't charge upfront.

If you have more questions, just let me know.

Out of curiosity, when do you update cause I'm itching for more 

I will release version 1.02 to the public after I release version 1.04 in Patreon and Gumroad. So you will be able to download it in the first days of May.


hi. I downloaded 1.0...i cant get passed the 1st sex scene

After the first scene there is a talking scene with black background and after that the version ends. The game continues on version 1.02


Is this an NSFW Gay game?



Thank you for answering. Can't wait to play it and see for myself all about it. Looks good and promissing so far! :) 

It's all that matters? :p

It's written above too

Good fap anyway 🤣

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Sadly he makes only demo games for free..not like nekojishi or tennis Ace  or (they are my three favourite games and I've donated every 50 dollars.Because it's worth it for the all of them.) 

Right now version 1.02 is now free to download here. No longer a demo, it includes the content from January and February.

The newest update (version 1.04) is available in our Gumroad page.


oh my god ... so sexy and hot ... im so horny just playing the game


I'm glad you're enjoying that much the demo ^_~


pls more pls  i can wait  to play more 


pls more pls  i can wait  to play more 

Hi, when will android be launched


I just uploaded the android apk


plz tell me when you has mac version then, they're thicc and really hot ;)

I just uploaded the mac version :)


Yee, thx ^ ^