Version 2.01 now available for Free (*UPDATED)

Hello everybody!
I have just uploaded the public version 2.01 of "Stronger Bonds"!  Time to continue with chapter 2 and its multiple storylines (Samson, Harry, Benjamin and Rhogan).

Remember that you can also get the latest version (Version 2.05) of the game in Gumroad if you can't wait to see more of this story. That version includes the content of Version 2.02 (June update), Version 2.03.2 (July update), Version 2.04 (August update) and Version 2.05 (September update). Link:

You can also join now the patreon page to get Version 2.06 on October 31st. Here is the patreon page:

I hope you guys enjoy this version and I hope some of you can consider supporting this project either on Patreon or Gumroad. 

Also if you encounter an error in any part of the game, either new or old, please use this form to suggest a correction:
I'll appreaciate a lot your help to fix the errors you find.

I have updated the files since the original version 2.01 had some problems that were fixed in next versions. So you should be able to play it without too much trouble. Still let me know if you find any problem.

I hope to see your comments! See you later!


Stronger Bonds Public Version 2.01 for PC 237 MB
Oct 08, 2021
Stronger Bonds Public Version 2.01 for Mac 220 MB
Oct 08, 2021
Stronger Bonds Public Version 2.01 for Android 239 MB
Oct 08, 2021

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Hi, Still having a problem with Samsons route when you pick Z to come back to the police station for meeting we get an error page about 5 clicks in. Also still not getting fun scene between Benjamin, Kody and drake after kiss and tell game. Was there on update 2.04 not happening in last two updates(Patreon). Also Benjamin cannot visit all three clubs. He can one at a time and story continues, sort of but not all three at same time.

Hello! Thanks for letting me know! I'll check since it sounds now like the versioning is the origin of the issues.

Now about the adult scene for Benjamin, Kody and Drake, you have to make Benjamin's bar and Drake's bar reach the top level (5), besides selecting other special options. I might create a manual to explain how to get that scene. I was hoping it to be more clear than the gym one but maybe it wasn't so much.

Thanks for your report. I wish you a good day!

Is there a guide to this yet. Sorry I've been trying to get it but I've just been failing. 

Are we supposed to be able to visit each location for Benjamin's section? Because it's only possible to go to one but he always talks as if he's visited all three.

Hello! I'll check that! Thanks for reporting!