Public Version 2.05 now available for download

Hello everybody!
I have just uploaded the public version 2.05 of "Stronger Bonds"!  This time our favorite daddy rhino, Samson, is gonna have a chance to explore the Golden Horseshoe Hotel while he tries to help his elder son, Tommy.

Remember that you can also get the latest version (Version 2.09) of the game in Gumroad if you can't wait to see more of this story. The lastest version has the content of four additional months more than here, including Version 2.06.1 (October update), Version 2.07 (November update) and Version 2.08 (December update). Link:

You can also join now the patreon page to get Version 2.10 on February 28th. Here is the patreon page:

I hope you guys enjoy this version and I hope some of you can consider supporting this project either on Patreon or Gumroad. 

Also if you encounter an error in any part of the game, either new or old, please use this form to suggest a correction:
I'll appreaciate a lot your help to fix the errors you find.

I hope to see your comments! See you later!


Stronger Bonds - Public Version 2.05 for PC 268 MB
Feb 26, 2022
Stronger Bonds - Public Version 2.05 for Mac 250 MB
Feb 26, 2022
Stronger Bonds - Public Version 2.05 for Android 270 MB
Feb 26, 2022

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it's driving me crazy i really don't know if this is a good or bad ending i just want something good like sam finding a real good lover

what the hell is going on i don't know what's going on with this novel is getting really really intense there is something wrong with the mayor and everyone else even that other guy name jake it also sam is there and he can maybe see it in the hidden cameras i can't believe every single officer are there two encoding the one who's watching the mayor

Does Ben off-handedly say that Angel is his brother, then a few sentences later it's treated as a big reveal When it's said again?